What does your mind need most? Take this fun quiz to find out!


On a piece of paper, list the letters A-E. For each quiz question, rank each answer in order of 5-1, with 5 being a VERY accurate answer, and 1 being NOT accurate at all. Transfer these numbers onto your A-E list for each question … then add them all up to discover your cognitive priority below!

Mind Meter Quiz

1. How would you love to spend a low-key Saturday, or a day off?

A) Sleeping in, then maybe some general rest and relaxation

B) Digging into a creative hobby

C) Socializing with friends

D) Organizing some of the things that slipped through the cracks during the week

E) Working on a business-related passion project


2. What makes you feel most stressed at work?

A) Almost everything. Everyday is pretty stressful.

B) When I don’t feel imaginative and can’t come up with new ideas.

C) When I just feel “off” and can’t get motivated or excited about anything.

D) When I have to make a presentation or am put on the spot to recall information.

E) Trying to stay on task with what really needs to get done despite all the distractions.


3. Finish this phrase, “Sometimes I worry about_________.”

A) The future and feeling out of control

B) Running out of ideas

C) Not being as happy as other people I know

D) The way I sometimes feel like I’m in a fog and can’t find my thoughts

E) Procrastinating too much


4. In your worst nightmare, how would a fun social party go terribly wrong?

A) You don’t know anyone and no one talks to you. You end up at the snack bar for thirty minutes alone, and then slip out the back door in shame.

B) Conversations are excruciatingly dull and you can’t come up with any interesting things to say. The words just aren’t coming to you.

C) You’re not having a great day and being around all these celebratory people just makes you feel worse. You can’t “summon” joy.

D) You see people you know quite well and blank out on their names during an introduction – and then do the exact same thing five minutes later!

E) You’re chatting with people but your ears are wandering, and you’re not really listening to the person in front of you. As a result, you get a reputation of being rude.


5. Imagine you’re having a bad day. Privately, your closest confidant asks you how you are. What is usually your go-to line?

A) I’m worried…

B) I’m stuck…

C) I feel empty…

D) I just don’t seem to have my head on straight today….

E) I’m overwhelmed…


6. What kind of internal setback might you need to overcome before learning a difficult new skill?

A) You dread the idea of failing.

B) You like new challenges but only if they benefit your current interests.

C) You have to be in the right mood for exploring new things.

D) You worry about having enough time to learn and having ample assistance in the process

E) You like new things but know you can have trouble sticking with them long enough to master them.



7. Your mind is racing right as you go bed, preventing you from falling asleep. Which statement sounds most like some of the ruminations you’ve experienced?

A) Why is it always so hard to get to sleep?

B) What is up with this mental “block” I’m having? Why can’t I figure out a solution?

C) Another day in the books. When will things get better?

D) What did I do today again? Why can’t I remember what I did today?

E) Why can’t I stay on track with my goals? I really need to get more done tomorrow and stop wasting time.


8. If you were a superhero, which mental superpower would you most want to have?

A) Infallible confidence and bravery. Nothing in the world scares you.

B) Never-ending ingenuity and a bottomless bucket of brilliant new ideas.

C) The power of abundant positivity – you have the power of seeing (and feeling) the bright side whenever you wish.

D) A photographic memory. See it once and you’ll remember forever.

E) Razer-sharp concentration, motivation, and drive. Once you set your mind to something, consider it done.



Reading Your Results

Add up your numbers for each letter. The letters with the highest scores will reflect where your cognitive priorities likely lie, and are a great beginning to setting your personal goals. Use these results to make the most out of your Smart Plants recipes using the mind meters on the bottom of each page (see page 129 for the key), as well as direction for your natural nootropic choices (see page 116 for a simple chart).



High A’s: Your cognitive priority is enhancing CALM

You are intuitive and sensitive, and strive for excellence both professionally and personally. You may also may experience feelings of anxiety, suffer from poor sleep quality, and experience high levels of stress in your day-to-day life. Prioritizing relaxation and self-care in your life, along with a diet that can encourage “calming” neurotransmitter activity, will prove to be very useful for you.


High B’s: Your cognitive priority is enhancing FLOW

You’re a highly creative individual with an independent spirit. You may sometimes experience bottlenecks in your thinking, and become frustrated when unable to conjure up new ideas, solve problems, and develop strategies. Tapping into a more fluid mental state through optimizing brain nutrition can help you enjoy a clearer thought process.


High C’s: Your cognitive priority is enhancing MOOD

You are very perceptive and understand the importance of balance. You may experience long-lasting periods of non-circumstantial sadness, or sometimes find your feelings very muddled. Pursuing a diet that contains mood-boosting foods, and participating in regular exercise, are two powerful actions that may assist in helping to regulate neurotransmitter activity, and encouraging a brighter mental climate as a result.


High D’s: Your cognitive priority is enhancing MEMORY

You’re quite intelligent and greatly value knowledge and wisdom … if only you could better remember what you have learned … or what you already know! Your memory loss may be experienced as bouts of brain fog throughout the day, or result in frequently forgetting things. A brain-healthy diet is key for you, and natural nootropics really may help you experience tangible improvements over time.


High E’s: Your cognitive priority is enhancing FOCUS

You’re super driven, and fearless when it comes to taking on big things. Yet your attention span and ability to stay in the zone can sometimes get in the way of your goals. Tuning up the nutrients you consume may help greatly with motivation and concentration alike, enabling you to stay on task more easily and helping you work more efficiently.  


Disclaimer: This quiz is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.