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A Smart Plants Diet isn’t a week-long cleanse or a quick fix. In fact, our 7-Day Challenge is really just the beginning. The most successful plans for long-term brain health and enhanced brain performance are a collection of small positive steps taken over time. And it certainly doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, once you make some of these adjustments habitual, you’ll likely find yourself wondering how you ever lived without them! Here are some of the best ways you can ensure longevity of your positive intentions.

How To Turn A Smart Plants Diet Into A Long-Term Lifestyle


1. Make a commitment

Setting small goals is one of the biggest things you can do to guarantee big-picture success. Most habits aren’t created overnight, and most major health gains don’t happen right away. Success lies within an ongoing habit. Pick one or two of the tips from this challenge, and commit to 30 days of following this intention. Once you’ve mastered your personal challenge, you can add new goals to your list. Build upon your wellness gains step by step.



2. Get The Right Kitchen Tools

The 4 most important quality items you can buy for healthier cooking are a chef's knife, a big heavy bottomed pot, a food processor, and a high-speed blender. How much difference can these items make? A LOT. A great knife takes the pain out of cooking prep-work. And a fantastic high-speed blender turns creating things like smoothies, creamy soups, sauces, dips, and more into a truly enjoyable task, thereby making eating optimally so much easier and rewarding. Ensure your recipes are as delicious as they can be and you'll find your healthy lifestyle so much more easy to follow.


3. Understand the Why

The more you empower yourself with the knowledge of how foods work with your brain and your body, the more likely you are to continue to make great choices (and avoid the bad ones) for the long-run. You can gain an extra realm of satisfaction knowing that, for example, the broccoli you choose to eat is full of choline, an essential brain nutrient that promotes memory and learning capabilities. Smart Plants was designed to help you gain an impressive grasp of food and nutrients for brain health: you don’t have to download all of its information right away, but you can collect this knowledge-based motivation over time. Knowledge is power!

4. Create Accountability

Any new path is easier when done with others! Let family or friends know about your journey … and even get them to join you! Share this challenge with your peers to get them up to speed and work together on building a better quality of life.


5. Practice Positive Habits Overall

Although a “smart” diet is of paramount significance to brain health, there are undoubtedly additional lifestyle factors that affect mental performance. Look to weave these healthy habits into your schedule in addition to your positive food practice, and enjoy your brain at its very best:

  • Quality sleep

  • Regular exercise

  • Avoid chemical exposure (i.e. choose “green” products)

  • Avoid mold exposure

  • Participate in social activities

  • Regularly engage in strategy games, memory-recall challenges (like crossword puzzles), and learning opportunities

  • Dedicate time to hands-on activities and hobbies, like cooking or woodworking, instead of interacting with a screen

Congratulations on taking this time to invest in your own self care - you've got this! Haven't picked up your copy of Smart Plants yet? Do so today and get going on your quest for a better life. Already enjoying your copy? Click here to invite others to join you!

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