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The new generation of addictively delicious, healthy cooking ... and energized living ... is here, now, with the virtual opening of Luminberry superfood cooking school and education center.  

Founded by best-selling author and natural food advocate, Julie Morris, whose five superfood cookbooks -- including New York Times best-seller Superfood Smoothies -- have sold hundreds of thousands of copies and been translated into eleven languages around the globe, Luminberry provides one-of-a-kind courses and recipes that teach you how to use nature’s most amazing foods in daily meals.   

Julie has been a pioneer in the field of superfoods for well over a decade, working closely with natural food brand leaders, cutting-edge restaurants, and major publications from Vegetarian Times to The Wall Street Journal.  And now, together with her partner, Oliver Barth, she has created Luminberry to put this knowledge at your fingertips -- transforming the way you think about food, select ingredients, and ultimately how you cook and eat.

Far beyond yesterday’s TV food shows, Luminberry provides hands-on online courses that will take your skill set and knowledge to the next level ... while letting you learn, prep, chop, blend, or cook, at your own pace.  Specialized courses like Low-Sugar Superfood Smoothies ... Immunity Boosting Soups ... and Revitalizing Raw Chocolate do more than just demonstrate well-tested recipes and cutting-edge techniques.  They explain the secrets behind these recipes, what makes them work, and why, so you can create your own masterpieces in the future.  You’ll also find in-depth individual Recipe Lessons, like the most delicious pizza ever ... made from cauliflower.  

Lessons include close-up videos, photos, print-out recipes, recommended tools, brands and tips; even quizzes, so you can see how you’re doing.

“It’s like having a professional chef alongside you in your kitchen,” said professional photographer and videographer, Oliver Barth, who films each episode, “one whom you can go back to as many times as you want.”

In addition, Luminberry features free recipes and wellness-related blogs, available whenever you want a little culinary inspiration, at

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