Turmeric Time Gets Sweet with this No-Bake Treat

The colder months of the year can be rough on your body. Your skin is drier, your immune system is working harder, and if you have any kind of old joint injury, it’s likely reminding you with a not-so-friendly flare-up during those cooler temps.

So with a change in season on the horizon, now’s an ideal time to come back to a healthy and balanced center by incorporating more circulation-promoting, immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory superfoods. In other words, now’s a perfect time to put turmeric to use.

Although turmeric has recently enjoyed increased interest in scientific circles for many medicinal qualities, it is perhaps best lauded for its ability to fight inflammation, aid with joint health, protect mental health, and encourage a sense of warmth thanks to its ability to promote better circulation.

And cooking-wise, while turmeric is most often lauded as a savory spice, newer recipe uses like sweet “golden milk” (which is just a fancy way of saying a turmeric-infused creamy beverage) proves that turmeric is far more versatile than originally thought. In our Luminberry kitchen, we’ve gone a step further and wrapped turmeric up in the comfort of some delicious and super good-for-you macaroon cookies, made with just the nice stuff: almonds, coconut, and spice. In other words, it’s turmeric time.


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