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Luminberry Loves | 02-13-20 Edition

Luminberry Loves: Our "Spring Cleaning" Edition

Sure, spring may technically still be a few weeks away, (and you may be looking out your window right now wondering if it will ever really come!), but that hasn’t stopped us from starting in on the spring cleaning bandwagon a little early. Because while most of us tend to think of spring cleaning as something that’s done to refresh our home, it’s also a great opportunity to clean up other aspects of our life, and renew intentions. And since the notions of "clean" and "health" go hand-in-hand, we’re excited to share these little upgrades we're loving right now ... each offering the promise of a slightly cleaner, and better(!) day.

Cheers to getting a head-start on spring,

- Oliver & Julie

1. Cleaning up our cleaners: Soap Nuts

If you've never used soap nuts, be prepared to file them in the "where have you been all my life?" category. A kind of natural laundry detergent, these dried "nuts" (which are actually large berries) are very high in saponins, a natural kind of cleaner found in some plants. And using soap nuts couldn't be easier: Place a few nuts in a small cloth bag with a drawstring, drop the bag into your laundry in place of regular detergent, and wash as usual. The result? Remarkably clean clothes with virtually no environmental impact (chemicals/groundwater pollution). Soap nuts are also a fraction of the cost of other cleaners. In fact, six soap nuts, the amount you need for a load of laundry, cost us a mere twenty five cents at a local store, and will last for many loads (we've used them up to a dozen times).

2. Cleaning up our spices: Fly By Jing

We’re all about a secret sauce. You know, the kind you can throw on pretty much anything and create an epic-tasting meal. Trouble is, these kinds of products are also notorious for containing loads of questionable and very “non-clean” ingredients, like corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, artificial flavors and more. And that's exactly what Fly By Jing intends to change. Rooted in traditional Chinese cuisine, Fly by Jing masterfully creates the authentic seasonings that makes Chinese food so irresistible, but with the meticulously high quality we've come to demand from our food (think mushrooms, seaweed, and spices). Whether you're seasoning a stir-fry or whipping up a quick noodle dish, a generous addition of Sichuan Chili Crisp, Zhong Dumpling Sauce or a sprinkle of Mala Spice Mix will instantly change your cooking game. Talk about an upgrade on every level.

3. Cleaning up our mind: Henry David Thoreau

"The cost of a thing is the amount of what I will call life which is required to be exchanged for it, immediately or in the long run." -Henry David Thoreau

THIS. We really see the "life calibrator" as the ultimate litmus test to all things, but it applies exceptionally well to heath, too. Our follow-up questions: What is the real cost of the food/activity/practice you choose? (Positive or negative.) And, keeping this in mind, how do your wellness choices add/detract to your life balance?

4. Cleaning up our skin care: Sibu Sea Berry Seed Oil

Via Julie: “This time of year my (already sensitive) skin goes a little bananas. The winter months have left my skin uber dry, and as a flood of allergy-antagonizing spring pollen starts to hit, my skin becomes even more prone to redness and irritation.” But rather than reaching for an expensive lab-made concoction, Julie loves using Sibu’s simple sea buckhorn formulas, like thir Sea Berry Seed Oil. “It’s incredible how this single-ingredient natural product can make such a difference – it soothes, moisturizes, and protects all at once.” One and done!

5. Cleaning up our Valentine's gifts: Native Wildflower Seeds

Via Oliver: "Valentine's Day is not a big commercial gift-giving day for us personally, especially as we try to reduce single-use items in our lives. But we do like to find rewarding and romantic ways to spend time together! Planting some native wildflowers on our property and neighborhood is a great way to 'grow' something together, and can create beautiful flower bouquets many times over in the spring." For a great last-minute gift, pick a mix that's native to your local area, slip it into a sweet card, and make plans to plant seeds together as soon as the last frost has melted. Come spring and summer, you can literally watch your love bloom. Aw.

6. Cleaning up our morning routine: Laird Superfood Daily Jumpstart

We're already big fans of all things Laird Superfood, but they just keep getting better! Among their newest products: A simple powder mixture of lemon, ginger, cayenne, and lucuma that, like the name suggests, effectively "jumpstarts" your healthy day. Mix a spoonful in your morning glass of water and instantly create a gently detoxifying, metabolism-boosting beverages that just feels fresh. Combined with hot water, the powder makes a nice tea, and with cold water, feels more like a spa treat. And for those with a sweet tooth, a couple drops of stevia can even turn the experience into an invigorating lemonade.

Are you getting ready for spring? What are you committing to "cleaning" up?


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