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Smart Plants: The Groundbreaking New Diet Book That Can Actually Improve The Way You Think

Smart Plants

Imagine the possibilities in life if you had clearer thought flow while writing or creating … could remember and recall information more easily… enjoyed better verbal fluency in conversation … mastered new skills more easily … or simply didn’t have the dread of anxiety or the darkness of depression weighing you down and getting in your way.

Imagine your potential with a better functioning brain.

Is it really possible to build a better brain?

If you had asked me ten years ago what I might be working on in the future, never in a million years would I have predicted that “neuroscience” would be an important part of the equation. As a wellness chef by trade, my career in healthy food and recipe development has long been focused on enhancing functions of the human body in delicious, superfood-rich ways. Yet somehow the brain always seemed like a separate entity to me – something that existed “independently” of the rest of the body, and couldn’t be changed or improved upon.

Not that I didn’t wish for change and improvement. Over my life, I’ve witnessed firsthand the devastating effects neurological diseases have had on loved ones – diseases including Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and severe clinical depression. I know their tragic story all too well. I also know so many others have suffered the same, and beyond.

And to be honest, I’ve experienced my own personal struggles too. Very poor short-term and long-term memory has plagued me since I was a teenager; bouts of breath-shortening anxiety have popped up intermittently for years; and rising occurrences of brain fog and a struggle to maintain focus had at one point become a part of my daily norm. Many times it felt like I was inwardly squeezing my brain just to find the right words or to pay attention, often for simple things that shouldn’t have required any kind of deep thought at all

Then, several years ago, I made a discovery that would change all that.

There’s a simple secret to better brain performance.

As it turns out, the human mind and its ability to function, cycle through information, retain memories, process emotions, and so much more, is actually every bit as malleable as the biceps on your arms or any other part of your body for that matter. You can make changes in how well you think … and you don’t even have to be considered clinically “unwell” to experience improvements.

I discovered that when it comes to building a better brain, there is a simple yet massively underused tool:

Eat more plants.

Better still, eat special kinds of plants.

Or, as I like to say, eat more Smart Plants.