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Why So Many People Are Taking The Smart Plants Challenge...And You Should Too

Last week, I spoke with a friend of mine who, when not building her new online company, is kept quite busy running around after her two-year-old. "It's like mush up there," she confided in me in hushed tones, speaking about her brain. "My memory is awful these days, and it feels so hard to keep track of things. I literally will walk into a room and I forget why I went in there in the first place."

And then there was the recent social media post by another friend, a highly skilled illustrator, who lamented that he had officially hit a creative block in his career. To my outsider eye, he's one of the most talented artists I've ever met. Yet his view wasn't quite as rosy: he expressed intense frustration at having no "juice" left to come up with new ideas and create new art. A "battle of burnout," as he described. He's not even 40.

And aside from my friends, I increasingly hear from all types of folks who are immersed in their own struggles: kids who are feeling more anxious, professionals who battle a lack of information retention, older adults fighting mental decline, and so much more. In fact, regardless of age, gender, or lifestyle, the most common reaction I receive when people ask me about my new book Smart Plants and its positive health effects on the brain is simply, "I need that."

Real Change, One Step At A Time

The good news is your brain was designed to change. But the extra exciting revelation is that you can take charge of the direction of this change through the foods that you eat, and make a real difference in how you think, feel and function as a result. Smart Plants explores many fascinating ways to improve your brain, from the importance of certain micronutrients, to how to make delicious cognition-boosting snacks and meals (and all the "why" in between, of course).

But to ensure those concepts turn into actions -- into real change -- I created a special 7-Day Smart Plants Challenge for readers of the book as a follow-up guide. This extra set of resources is a fun, brain-friendly series that offers useful ways to improve the performance of your brain right away, packaged in small, doable, daily steps. Delivered directly to a reader's inbox, each day includes a lifestyle improvement "challenge," as a well as an exclusive tool to help execute this challenge ... and start feeling better!

But here's the thing. I don't want to keep this information away from anyone who needs it. I want to help you make changes in how well you think now. And that's why I'm happy to share that we've decided to open up the Smart Plants Challenge to anyone and everyone who wants it ... for free.

Decide to make a positive adjustment to your diet to support your mind. Start your free 7-Day Smart Plants Challenge today!


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