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This Luscious Soup is the Bit of Comfort You Need Right Now

These may be stressful times, friends, but thank goodness we can continue to strengthen ourselves and our loved ones with the power of wellness though superfood cooking. So while healthy soups are always a welcome addition to the colder weather cooking agenda, now more than ever you may find they fall a bit into the “all I want to eat” category!

Even better, whether you’re planning the details of your holiday menu, or just perusing what’s fresh and new in the produce department, there’s a surprising number of delicious natural foods to choose from for your soups. Pumpkins and squash? Check. Pecans and chestnuts? Absolutely. Potatoes and Cauliflower? Obviously.

Yet some of the slightly more nuanced seasonal wonders are easy to miss out on if you’re not actively seeking them for recipes. Such is the case with parsnips—carrot’s distinctively tasty cousin—which are far too rarely put to use despite their majestic flavor offerings. We also pine for the use of more seasonal fruit in savory recipes—offerings like pomegranate, cranberry, and pear go so well with so many of the in-season vegetables inherently.

That’s why this superfood-infused Parsnip-Pear soup from chef Julie’s Superfood Soups cookbook is truly just what the doctor ordered with it’s seasonal yet special, sophisticated yet simple, and invigorating yet soothing experience. Enhanced with goji berries and hemp seeds to add to it's stockpile of minerals and vitamins, file this soup under: recipes you didn’t know you needed, and now can’t live without.

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