5 Awesome Morning Habits to Set the Tone for an Optimized Day

When your alarm goes off in the morning, do you feel energized and ready to greet the new day, or do you pull the covers over your head and hit the snooze button? How you start your early hours directly affects how you feel throughout the rest of the day, which means the positive behaviors you accrue when you wake up can have a compounded positive yield. Here are five healthy morning habits to try, all of which can set the tone for an energized day that is as bright as it is productive.

1. Don’t Look at Your Phone

One of the worst habits you can get into is checking your smartphone for emails and messages when you wake up. This habit sends you into a reactive mindset and gets your head spinning with all of the tasks that need to get done, rather than spending a moment with your own thoughts and ideas. For the first hour of your day, steer clear of your phone (and other tech devices as much as possible) to promote a sense of inner peace and calm, upon which you can build out from.

2. Step Out into the Sunshine Leaving your smartphone behind, step out into the sunshine at first light to help set your circadian rhythm, and take in a few breaths of fresh air. Take your dog for a walk, go for a light jog around the block, or simply sit on the porch to watch the sun rise higher into the sky. Even if the weather is bad or the sun hasn’t come up yet, you’ll still benefit from the energizing power of the outdoors – even if it’s just for a couple of minutes.

3. Practice Yoga or Meditation Another great way to start your day is to practice yoga or meditate, and if time is tight, keep in mind that a little practice is better than none at all! Yoga is an excellent way to wake your body up, stretch those sleepy muscles, and boost your energy and mood. Meanwhile, meditation sets a strong mental tone for the day of focus and control, while fighting anxiety and overwhelm. You can even combine the two practices: Try starting your morning off with 10 minutes of sun salutations to get your entire body warmed up, followed by five minutes of meditating, or thinking about something that you are grateful for.

4. Eat Superfoods for Breakfast Every positive and productive day starts with a healthy breakfast, which is why it’s a smart idea to add superfoods to your morning breakfast routine. Superfood smoothies are always a great option for quick and nutritious breakfasts on the go. Try any of our Low Sugar Superfood Smoothies for an energizing blend that packs in the nutrition. For something warmer, try an avocado toast with chia seeds, or superfood oatmeal mixed with cacao and cinnamon to ensure you're setting out on the right foot both physically and mentally.

5. Journal Your Daily Intentions While you’re enjoying your delicious superfood breakfast, another good habit to get into is writing in a notebook for at least a few minutes. Your journal is your own personal safe space, so you can use it however you like: Whether you write down a few daily intentions, to-do lists for work, transcribe your dreams from the past night, or just jot down random ideas that come to mind, seeing your thoughts on paper is an effective way to connect with yourself, leaving your mind clear to reach your daily goals.

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