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3 Supplements That Can Make A *Big* Difference in Your Mood

Sure, we’re always eager to feel our best, physically and mentally. But especially amidst these grim times, it’s more valuable than ever to pick up some extra self-care habits to not only keep you healthy, but also improve your daily outlook.

In particular, the nutrients you consume have an essential role in dictating how well your body and brain is able to function. Although we love to speak to the importance of eating healthy food (including the incredible impact superfoods can have), quality supplements can sometimes make all the difference in fine-tuning your diet, providing elements you’re either missing, or simply need to boost. Especially if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, anxious, run-down, or simply wondering if there is such a thing as too much homemade sourdough, there has never been a better time to re-evaluate your supplement situation and make a simple tweak in what you take. To improve your mood and overall well-being, scroll down for three great picks to put in your cart.

1. Algae-based DHA & EPA

Think this pair of omega 3 fatty acids aren’t essential? We’d say “think again”… but you may have trouble doing so! That’s because about 20 percent of your total brain tissue is made up of Omega 3 fats alone—and most are the DHA variety—which protect your brain from decay, promote the growth of new brain cells, and have been shown in numerous studies to support mental stability overall. Unfortunately, the average American consumes less than half the recommended DHA on any given day (and even less if you’re vegetarian or vegan), so it’s safe to say this supplement can provide a much-needed health boost for most people.

Although there’s many varieties on the market, after a long hunt we fell in love with Vegetology Opti3, which is a EPA & DHA supplement that also includes some vitamin D3 (more on that in a moment!). Not only is this supplement entirely plant-based (algae is vastly more environmentally sustainable than fish, plus it doesn’t have that awful fishy aftertaste!), but it also contains a much higher quantity of Omega 3s than most other algae supplements, easily aligning with the dosage recommendations of leading health professionals.

2. Vitamin D3

Surely you’ve experienced the uplifting power of the sun: “soaking up a few rays” can quite literally put you in a better mood. That’s because sunlight causes a biochemical reaction with your skin to produce vitamin D3 in your body, which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent for your brain, helping it heal and regenerate (from stress or injury), while keeping you feeling mentally “brighter” in the process.

Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to regularly get the quantity or quality of sunlight they need, and some individuals metabolize the vitamin poorly to begin with.

As a result, the dangerous ramifications of low vitamin D levels are more prevalent than ever, with about 1 billion people estimated to be deficient in vitamin D worldwide. It should come as no surprise then that vitamin D supplements have become one of the most popular supplements to take, and many people report experiencing a better mood just from this dietary modification alone!

Ready to get your hands on a vitamin D supplement? Here are some things to consider: You’ll want to take vitamin D3 (and not vitamin D2) for the best absorption, and oral sprays are your quickest bet in terms of absorption. Our favorite is the Vitashine Vitamin D3 Oral Spray, which is very convenient if you want to adjust the quantity you take based on your personal needs (each “spray” offers 200iu Vitamin D). Plus, while most D3 supplements are made from fish skin or sheep skin, Vitashine is fully plant-based, so you can supplement happily in eco-friendly style. Not sold on a spray? Try the Vitashine Chewable Tablets, which come in either 1000iu or 2500iu doses.

3. A Really Great Multivitamin

Alright, so this last one may come as a bit of a surprise… after all, isn’t consuming a healthy diet a daily “multivitamin” to begin with? Absolutely! But during times of stress (or even just times of too much stress-baking), precious stores of vitamins and nutrients are used up more quickly, leaving your biological stores depleted, and you more vulnerable to illness and lowered mood. So unless you’re confident your quarantine diet has been a case study in clean-eating perfection, taking a high quality multivitamin right now can be a little piece of daily insurance to guarantee a good portion of your daily nutrient needs are kept well stocked.

We think the VegVit Multivitamin & Mineral Formula is a great one to consider, offering 26 vitamins and minerals, including high B12 (very important for stable mood), vegan vitamin D3 (a rare inclusion for a multivitamin), and our favorite part…. superfoods! Yes, every pill contains extracts of goji berries, blueberries, green tea, and more—all of which help to protect your brain and your body that much further.

Have a favorite vitamin or mineral supplement you’re taking right now? We’d love if you share - leave a comment below!

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