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Treat Yourself to the Mint Chip Energy Balls That Have it All

Protein. Good fat. Healthy fiber. Vitamins and minerals. Greens. No, we're not referring to a balanced dinner, we're talking about the benefits of one of the most treat-like snacks around: superfood energy balls! Sure, they may taste like dessert, but when made right, these wholesome “balls” can be a wonderful way to get the essential nutrients your body craves while feeling like you’re totally indulging. The trick? Making them yourself.

Store-bought energy balls can often contain cheap filler ingredients (like flour), or excessive refined sugar (like rice syrup or cane sugar). They can also be very overpriced—we’ve seen energy balls sell for as much as $2 a pop! But going the homemade route allows you to incorporate nothing but high-quality ingredients in every batch … all at a fraction of the cost. Plus, there’s very little time investment needed: You can make a massive batch of these balls in mere minutes and be setup for days—even weeks—with grab-and-go snacks that the whole family will love. (Hint: they're great stashed in school lunches, too!)

Although we love working up variations of quick recipes like these, certain “ball” combinations are simply too good not to make again and again. That’s why this week we’re sharing our recipe for Mint Chip Energy Balls … completely with all the flavor you’d hope for in a dessert or sweet snack, but made with the kind of whole food ingredients you can really feel proud of.

Boosted with protein powder, immunity-boosting spirulina, mineral-rich cacao, and more, there’s really so much to love about these no-bake treats. So make a big batch of Mint-Chip Energy Balls this week, and enjoy the rainbow of healthy benefits that only superfoods can provide.

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Make those balls better than ever! Here's how:

  • Pick a great-tasting protein powder. The flavor of the vanilla protein powder you use really matters here, as it will affect the taste finished recipe. Choose the most delicious superfood variety you know of (a few that we like include Amazing Grass, Navitas Organics, and Vega). While we prefer vanilla here, you can also use a chocolate-flavored version to double-down on the chocolate flavor!

  • Reduce the sugar if you like. Although the majority of the sweetness of this recipe comes naturally from mineral-rich dat