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Get the Energy Boost You Need with this *Caffeine-Free* Maca Latte

The first time I ever tried maca, I was overwhelmed by its flavor … and not in a good way. It was almost 20 years ago when maca’s bold, malty taste was introduced to my senses, and I wondered how on earth I would use this strange superfood, which was unlike anything else I had ever tried.

My earliest maca recipe experiments were simple. I tested mixing maca in water—it definitely needed more than that. I tested mixing maca in orange juice—let’s just say you only make that mistake once. But then I tested mixing maca into energy bites, using nuts and dates as a base. While I used way too much maca on my first attempt, the result wasn’t half bad! Little did I realize at the time, I had found the secret to using maca in an enjoyable manner: flavor friends.

Maca is not a flexible superfood like, say, mild-tasting chia seeds, which can be added into just about anything. Maca has very distinctive “flavor friends,” but once aligned with these complementary ingredients (like nuts, creams, and chocolate, for example), its flavor shifts from being a rude awakening, to an immensely welcome, delicious treat that, without indulging too much into dramatic zeal, borderlines on a profound kind of taste.

Maca is rich, buttery, malty, caramel-esque, and a little earthy, in the very best of ways. Maca, used well, adds a layer of flavor in recipes that is akin to a very subtle perfume embedded in a cashmere sweater. You often can't put your finger on it, but something about it feels good.

All this boils down to the fact that maca is a pretty special superfood, and we haven’t even talked about its benefits yet! Maca is one of the most healthfully energizing foods on the planet. It is not a stimulant, but rather deeply supports your endocrine system, making it the perfect foundation for a coffee-like latte drink that will give you a boost without the crash. Try whipping up this quick, caffeine-free latte at home to really experience maca’s true flavor and its invigorating properties … it might just become your new healthy habit!


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