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Meet The Ultimate Warm Breakfasts That Are Actually Good For You

When it comes to making an easy, super-clean, healthy breakfast, warm weather arguably has the upper hand. Smoothies, yogurt bowls, or even just a whole grain cereal with a splash of almond milk are all no-brainer ideas for a cooling start to a warm day. But when the temperature drops, “healthy” can seem like a bit of a harder ask, especially in the wee hours of those chilly days. As your body yearns for denser, cozier foods, good breakfast options may become less apparent, often leading to more indulgent choices.

And yet, with a little creativity, the healthy hot breakfast menu may be more abundant than you think. Here are some of our favorite dishes which can help keep you solidly on your wellness journey ... in the most comforting of ways.


Sorry, but porridge is definitely not just the stuff of old English fairy tales. In fact, porridge has begun to make a name for itself amongst many of the world's top chefs, thanks to its flexible nature and instinctual yum-factor. While the most common type of porridge is oatmeal, all kinds of other grains and pseudo-grains can be used for the “spoonable “base, including rolled quinoa, cracked buckwheat, amaranth, rice, and barley. And while many people still enjoy a classic porridge with a little bit of dried or fresh fruit, maple syrup, and spices, porridges also make fantastic savory dishes too – try mixing in hemp seeds, coconut oil, and sea salt for a deliciously nutty variation.


A scramble is essentially like a protein-rich version of a stir-fry, made with eggs or tofu to create a filling ensemble. You can prep a large batch of a chopped vegetable medley early in the week, then just throw a handful into a sauté pan with a little oil when you’re ready. Once your vegetables have had a couple minutes to tenderize, add your protein of choice and some seasoning, and cook just a few minutes longer. Top with superfoods like chia and turmeric, and you’re well on your way to a balanced day!


It's safe to say toast has come a long way from its butter and jam roots. These days, the options are endless in the realm of quick and healthy toppings ready to adorn your favorite freshly-crisped bread. Topped with avocado, smeared with almond butter and mashed berries, or adorned with a generous dollop of hummus, you can make a perfectly taste-tailored breakfast in just minutes. Pro tip: replace sandwich bread with sprouted grain bread for an instant protein boost that's extra easy to digest!

Wraps Whether it's a breakfast burrito, taco, or just a true wrap, few things say “hearty” and “warm” in the morning like this style of grab-and-go sandwich. Wraps can be filled with all kinds of warm wholesome ingredients, from sautéed vegetables, to steamed squash, to rice or hash browns with baked beans. What's more, superfoods are easily added in too, often in the form of minced kale, dried goji berries, or a “secret sauce” that's made with a superfood boost powder whipped in. For kids, a sweeter wrap of almond butter, sliced bananas, and chia seeds warmed in the oven at low heat is sure to earn you two thumbs up.

Medicinal Lattes Not a huge breakfast eater? Try a superfood latte instead. These special drinks include superfoods like matcha, cacao, maca and medicinal mushrooms, which are blended with hot water or almond milk and often some healthy MCT-rich fat like coconut oil. In other words, coffee is optional! By using these these superfood varieties, you’ll enjoy an energizing beverage that will keep you feeling satisfied for hours without sending you into a crash later, and gain protective nutrients for your health at the same time.


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