This Greek-Style Kale Bowl Makes Eating Well Sooo Easy

If meal prepping is your thing, you’re going to love this deeply satisfying superfood bowl. Classic Greek ingredients like hummus, olives, and farro mingle with crave-worthy flavors like garlic, oregano, and lemon to create the kind of dish that gets virtually licked clean.

Even better, this dish is a virtual superfood party. Want to eat more green vegetables? You’ll be amazed at how quickly an entire bunch of kale becomes so delicious that it’s—almost—not even enough. Add in some hydrating cucumbers, longevity-promoting tomatoes, omega-rich chia seeds, protein-packed farro, and heart-healthy olive oil … and the phrase “but wait, there’s more” seems to really apply when it come to the nutritional accolades!

You can assemble the bowls ahead of time, pack them away in pre-portioned containers, and enjoy an abundantly healthy, readymade meal on a whim. Our tip? Go bigger: While the recipe makes two generous bowls, you can easily double or triple it—and your bowls will last pretty much all week in your refrigerator.

So go ahead, bring in the A-team of healthy Greek ingredients and enjoy this style of cuisine in a new and healthy way. And, if you choose to make these bowls ahead, you’ll definitely be thanking yourself later!


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Read on for a few ways to make your bowl the best it can be.

  • Look for Lacinato kale. Lacinato kale, sometimes also called black kale or dinosaur kale, is the darkest variety of kale, meaning it has the most antioxidants of all the varieties. Its extra-firm structure is also idea for marinades and vinaigrettes lik