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Why Energy Bars Have Become The Wellness Snack Tool Of Choice

Health experts near and far have touted the benefits of healthy snacking. Snacks consisting of nutrient-dense whole foods such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, and superfoods assist in keeping your body’s energy levels steady with their quality fuel, and simultaneously help you avoid the nagging hunger pangs that can notoriously lead to unhealthy food choices. Even so, there’s many things that often get in the way of our good snacking intentions. Can you relate to any of these situations? • Not having enough time to make snacks or mini-meals due to work/life obligations • Lack of access to fresh ingredients during optimum snack times • Confused on what balanced nutrition looks like these days (so many diets and systems!) • “Forgetting” to eat during the day if the food isn’t in plain sight • Price of packaged healthy snacks is just too high for regular consumption • Giving in to the lure of unhealthy cravings (“just one more cookie won’t hurt”)

It’s for all these reasons and more that energy bars have taken the snack market by storm over the past decade. Likely, you’ve seen these snack bars featured in all kinds of flavors, touting all kinds of benefits, from all varieties of companies. Here’s why energy bars are so popular amongst health pro’s, fitness experts, and on-the-go consumers alike:

• Energy bars offer easy-to-consume nutritional gains (i.e. protein boost or extra fiber) • The convenience of energy bars makes them a perfect grab-and-go bite • Energy bars are exceptionally portable: you can take them anywhere! • At just a few dollars apiece, they’re an affordable “mini-meal” • Some energy bars taste good enough that they can act as a substitute for a sweet treat But here’s the problem: not all bars are created equal. Some don’t taste good, while others are made with inexpensive fillers or questionable additives. In fact, certain energy bars are really just glorified cookies with their surprisingly high sugar content and very low nutrients.

So what really constitutes a healthy energy bar, anyway? Here’s exactly what to look for:

• Organic ingredients • Little to no added sugar, like syrups (sugar from fruit or natural sugar-free sweeteners like monk fruit is great) • Some protein • Some fiber • Good fats • Superfoods, for natural micronutrient benefits • No added weird stuff like protein isolates, or ingredients that sound like they belong in a science lab • Formulated to offer a flavor you actually crave! • Supports your dietary objectives (such as plant-based, or low-calorie, etc.) If you’re thinking, “that doesn’t sound like the brand I normally buy,” you’re not alone. Many if not most bars fail to meet all of this quality criteria, and often for more than one of the reasons above! That’s why to fully meet your own taste preferences and health objectives, making your own superfood energy bars may be your best choice yet! And doing so is likely easier than you think!

  • Discover why energy bars are such a useful snack food

  • how to substitute components for different types of diets or

  • Master the “no-bake” bar method for creating the quickest, healthiest bars around

  • Explore how bar ingredient structure works, including how to substitute components for different types of diets or

flavor preferences

  • Assemble a lineup of best-of superfoods add-ins to make your bars even more nutritious

  • Acquire key cooking techniques and learn how to fix mistakes on the spot

  • Create a Cherry-Berry Activity Bar, a Chocolate Chip Protein Bar (low-sugar), and a Coconut-Lime Snack Bar

Serve your unique lifestyle needs, and effectively reach your personal health goals, by taking charge over the quality of what goes into your body. When you incorporate superfood energy bars into your wellness (and snacking) strategy, you’re setting yourself up for long term success … on so many levels. Ready to get started? Get instant access to our Superfood Energy Bars course today for a fun superfood training experience that will last you a lifetime!


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