Cheers In The New Year With A Detox Smoothie

It almost seems as if new year's resolutions belong in the category of many bona fide rules with their notorious undercurrent theme: they're meant to be broken. As such, while diets rank as one of the most common methods many of us resolve to change our ways come January – and all diets work (technically, that is) – we often find ourselves failing while trying to follow them. If we're honest, this usually is due to our goals being overly-ambitious, unsustainably militant, or just downright impractical. Not to worry: we've all been there.

That's why I'm such a huge fan of finding healing modalities and wellness enhancements in the form of delicious – irresistible even – foods and recipes. The pleasure-factor here is crucial to creating the kind of resolutions that become actual, real habits. If you truly crave the things that your body needs, enhanced health (not to mention the success of your resolutions) is an imminent byproduct, as is your desire to practice the positive action regularly. We'll be looking at this philosophy a bit more in the weeks ahead, but if you're looking for a smart first step, I can't recommend anything easier than incorporating daily smoothies.

Of course, I have an entire book on Superfood Smoothies, which offers 100 of my favorite recipes ... and there's a good reason why our fun cooking course Low Sugar Superfood Smoothies here at Luminberry is so popular. But one of the nice things about smoothies is their immense versatility: a unique ability to take on amazing flavors, while incorporating your “best-of” superfood products. In other words, they're begging to take on your unique spin!

So if a detox is on your list this year, try folding a functional smoothie into your day, like the one below (which uses the incredibly effective and easy-to-use Navitas Organics Detox Superfood Boost, a blend of digestion-friendly and cleansing superfoods like chia and wheatgrass). It goes without saying you can use other superfood formulas and ingredients here too, but anyway you blend it, you'll be creating a healthy habit that is truly crave-worthy.

Apple Pie Smoothie

Makes 1½ cups / 1 serving

To a blender, add the cashews, banana, Detox Superfood Boost, cinnamon, and apple juice. Blend until completely smooth. Add the ice and blend once more until frosty.

Bonus Boost: Add a handful of baby spinach to give this smoothie an extra green kick. (You'll definitely feel the clean energy, but don't worry, you won't taste it!)

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