6 Must-Know Secrets to Make Your Smoothies More Delicious

Ah, smoothies. What’s not to love? They’re fast, easy, healthy, and can be crazy delicious. And yet, it's so easy to get into a smoothie routine rut ... or worse, feeling obligated to gulp down an occasional grey-colored uber-wonky blend. And if there's one rule to drinking a smoothie, it's that it should never, ever feel like a chore!

That's why we’re sharing 6 little tips to get you back on track to making some of your best-ever beverages. So if you’re finding that the smoothies you're making at home are only so-so these days, try a few of our special secrets to make your blends instantly so much better.


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Although it’s unlikely to come as much of a surprise, the easiest thing you can do to make a tantalizing smoothie is to use fruit as your base ingredient. But the real trick is using a balanced amount of fruit: not so little that you can’t taste it, but definitely not so much that you overwhelm your digestive tract with sugar, either. Most smoothies are perfect when equipped with around one or two servings of fruit—as in, either one or two cups of chopped fruit, or one to two medium pieces of fruit, such as bananas and apples. Everyone’s a little different, so you can always adjust this amount based on your own needs, but as a general rule, a bit of fruit is going to be key to making your smoothies taste irresistibly good.


Most people don’t think of dietary fat as being a part of a smoothie, but the truth is a little bit of fat can go a long way to making your smoothie exponentially more enjoyable. Fat makes smoothies extra creamy, helps to improve the flavor, and makes a smoothie more nutritionally balanced, thereby providing long-lasting energy as a result. In particular, look to incorporate “good fats,” like heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, and brain-boosting omega 3s. You can find these healthy fats in smoothie-friendly ingredients like nuts (such as almonds, cashews, and brazil nuts), as well as seeds (such as chia and hemp). You can also use nut butters of all varieties, and even avocado and coconut can sometimes work well. Aim for a few spoonfuls of nuts or seeds, or a tablespoon or two of nut butter, and experience the delicious difference.


Yes, believe it or not, adding a little bit of salt goes a long way to enhance the flavors of your smoothie. That’s because if you think about it, almost every recipe on the planet leans on salt to balance all the flavor notes … even desserts! Smoothies are no