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Looking To Hit Refresh? Try This Customizable Superfood Smoothie

Despite its many challenges and setbacks, 2020 did have a few positive notes. For one, it forced many of us to reassess our diet and lifestyle choices and look for ways to take matters of health into our own hands. As a result, while comfort food was surely the rage, paradoxically so were superfoods, nutrition supplements, and from-scratch nutritious cooking.

It’s my hope that this invigorated interest in next-level health is here to stay; I truly understand just how powerful a dietary transformation can be. In fact, it was my personal experience of elevated well-being gleaned from simple dietary changes that brought me into the world of superfoods in the first place (almost 20 years ago!) … and clearly I haven’t looked back. And, as I discuss in my book Superfood Smoothies as well as our Luminberry course Low-Sugar Superfood Smoothies, smoothies are one of our greatest daily dietary allies in helping us reach these feel-good goals.

You can never have too many smoothie recipes. And I’m certainly a firm believer in switching things up! But it’s also great to have a regular smoothie “formula” (so to speak) at your fingertips. By doing so, you can easily tailor your daily blend using your favorite superfoods to reach specific wellness objectives, or even to satisfy personal taste. In fact, this kind of smoothie can truly become your most reliable recipe of all.

With a balanced array of some of the best superfoods available, I’m sharing with you one of my personal favorite formulas for a delectable, functional, and fully customizable superfood smoothie blend. It has protein, greens, healthy fats and more … but you’ll be the one in the driver’s seat, using your go-to superfood varieties for maximum flexibility. So, as you aim to level-up your self-care routine this year, consider this simple blend as a key component of your wellness plan.

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