This Herbed Cashew Dip Makes Vegetables Taste *Amazing*

Even for the healthiest among us, eating enough vegetables can sometimes be a challenge. Sure, we may be fully cognizant of the abundant (and scientifically-backed) benefits of regular veggie consumption—including cancer prevention, brain optimization, heart health, weight management, and more! Yet all too often the battle between crunchy radishes versus crispy chips remains hard-fought.

Needless to say...taste is a powerful motivator.

This is why developing a few culinary strategies is key to infusing your diet with more veggie power, and all the wellness upgrades that come with it (for a great list of recipe hacks, watch our video 10 Easy Ways To Eat More Vegetables).

That’s also why our special Herbed Cashew Dip is on such regular rotation on the weekly menu: Incredibly, it transforms eating vegetables into something you'll look forward to! (We've yet to find a vegetable that didn't benefit from a generous smear.)

Packed with flavor and full of fresh ingredients, this dip is a truly delicious treat—a bit like if ranch dip and ricotta cheese had a baby. It’s also exceptionally healthy (no oil, no dairy, no weird additives), and can even be used to sneak in extra superfoods if you wish (any kind of unsweetened supergreens powder is fantastic).

Simple. Clean. Oh-so good for you. Are you ready for some serious vegetable-eating motivation in delectable dip form?


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Easy does it! While your food processor will do most of the heavy lifting in this recipe, here are a few extra tips for making your best-ever dip.

  • No need to chop herbs finely. Just a fast, rough chop will more than do the trick for your fresh ingredients, which will help you measure them, and ensure better assimilation in the food processor.

  • Herbal substitutions can be made. We love the combo of parsley and dill, but if you have other fresh, leafy herbs on hand you can put them to use here too. Basil, tarragon, chives and cilantro all make excellent additions/substitutions. Dried herbs are not recommended.

  • Supergreens are optional. We’re always looking for ways to incorporate best-of superfoods into our meals to amp up nutrients, and this dip happens to be a great vehicle for any kind of supergreens powder. Wheatgrass powder, kale powder, spirulina powder, or moringa powder are several wonderful options … or you can use your favorite