Better Your Brunch with these Sugar-Free Scones

Baked goods are usually an oxymoron. On one hand, they genuinely make us happy, with their soft, inviting texture, sweet smell, and comforting flavor. But from a health standpoint, there’s not as much to love—a high calorie, empty nutrition snack that’s packed with sugar and saturated fat.

Fortunately, with a few ingredient swaps and an open mind, it’s thoroughly possible to make baked treats that perform beautifully in the oven, but are made without all the unhealthful compromises. We should know: we used just about every wellness-culinary trick in the book to make our amazing Apricot-Chia Scones as clean as can be.

That’s right: in this recipe you won’t find any added sugar (we use monkfruit instead). You also won’t find any oil or butter… although we do recommend serving these scones with a traditional smear of (dairy-free) butter enjoyed on the spot. Refined flour? Nope, none of that here either: we use protein-rich spelt and rolled oats for a full-grain flavor and heart-healthy benefits.

And, get this: These scones come together FAST. They take less than an hour, and are the perfect thing to pop in the oven on a Sunday morning for a wonderful brunch surprise. Light and chewy, sweet and tangy … what’s not to love?


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