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Better Your Breakfast Regimen With This Blueberry Baked Oatmeal

Somewhere between a bowl of oatmeal and a fresh oatmeal cookie is the culinary wonder that is baked oatmeal. Embarrassingly easy to assemble, and unabashedly satisfying to eat, baked oatmeal is the healthy comfort food you’ve been looking for.

Never made baked oatmeal? Prepare to be impressed. Gone is the gluey bowl of stove-top mush that needs loads of accoutrement assistance to be passed as edible. Instead, baked oatmeal is springy and chewy, with every bite a perfectly neat package of warm flavor. (Already a fan of baked oatmeal? Just wait until you see how good our version is!)

And let me tell you: on a personal note, now that we have an infant in the house, this type of make-ahead breakfast has been such a time-saving blessing. For basically the same amount of work of making “real” oatmeal, I love that I can make an entire tray of perfectly portioned oat goodness that simply needs warming up. Or, admittedly sometimes, I simply just eat it cold as a lazy afternoon snack (honestly it’s surprisingly fantastic this way too).

Best of all, the ingredients in this comfort food are genuinely pride-worthy. Power foods like heart-healthy oats, brain-boosting blueberries, and digestion-friendly flaxseeds (which we partially grind to help their good fats become better absorbed by the body) come together in flavorful harmony. And you’ll love how this smart breakfast is perked up with warm spices and sweetened only with banana, sugar-free monkfruit, and just a touch of maple syrup. Not such a bad way to start the day, right?

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