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You’d Never Guess this Raspberry-Peach Rustic Tart is (Almost!) Sugar-Free

We’ll just come right out and say it: there’s no better time to enjoy fruit-based desserts than the summer. Sure, there’s the coziness of holiday apple pies, or the carefree nature of a spring strawberry shortcake, but when you consider the long list of warm weather fruits, summer months are the clear winner in terms of sweet and juicy opportunities.

What’s more, all this succulent fruit abundance means we can rely more the natural sugars found in produce to quell sweet cravings, rather than needing to use too many added condensed/refined sugars (like syrup, honey, or table sugar). This is great news, as fruits offer sugar in the form we were meant to consume it: coupled with fiber (which slows down the sugar’s release into the bloodstream), and chock-full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Even so, there’s still one more trick we love to use to ensure these fruit-based desserts are extra delicious while keeping them nutrient-dense.

Like a digital photo getting the perfect filter application, even the most perfectly-ripe fruits can benefit from a slight sweetness enhancement … and that’s exactly why we love to use Lakanto 1:1 monkfruit sugar substitute.

Monkfruit is a highly sweet fruit (a bit like stevia), and its extract can be added to recipes to naturally amplify sweetness and flavor without adding any additional sugars. Lakanto's 1:1 blend (which is combined with erythritol to make a “just like sugar” crystalized product) can easily take the place of regular sugar in dessert, and we find it tastes the most "you'd never know that wasn't sugar" in recipes that retain some small form of additional sweetness, like fruit. Even better, you can enjoy a 15% discount on all monkfruit products with checkout code LUMINBERRY here.

This week, with a big basket of farmer’s market peaches in hand and a fragrant rustic tart on the mind, we went to work making a beautiful summer pastry that was maximized in its wellness potential in every way possible. We nixed the white flour and butter, and instead used protein-rich spelt flour and energy-boosting coconut oil for the crust. Then we used copious fruits for the filling (including fresh raspberries—a great “everyday” superfood that's high in vitamin C, manganese, fiber, and more), alongside our monkfruit sugar-free “secret.” In fact, the only added sugar in this entire 6-serving rustic tart is one teaspoon of turbinado sugar for topping the crust! No, that’s not a typo: just one teaspoon!

Even if you decide to substitute the monkfruit sweetener with another natural sugar (like coconut sugar or maple sugar), we think you’ll agree: this Raspberry-Peach Rustic Tart is the perfect recipe for making your summer … yes … a little bit sweeter.