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What Is A Natural Nootropic?

"Sorry ... what did you say your name was again?"

"Hang on ... I just lost my train of thought."

"I'm overwhelmed with so much to do ... and yet I feel stuck and can't do a thing."

Most of us have experienced at least some form of poor brain performance at one point.

Still, we often feel helpless and alone in our struggle. What's more, any decline in cognitive abilities can

result in frustrating minor inconveniences on up to debilitating consequences, with symptoms that might include:

  • Bouts of brain fog

  • Sluggish short-term and long-term memory

  • Poor attention span

  • Difficulties thinking or speaking clearly

  • Stressful feelings of ongoing anxiety and depression

  • Lack of motivation

But can we really do anything about these conditions? Aren't we simply born with and destined to endure a certain brain “strength?” Or is there a way to actually improve our cognition and thinking potential (and yes, maybe even feel a little bit smarter as a result)? Although it won’t make you a genius, the answer may surprise you, and it’s all thanks to a little subject called nootropics.

A Brief Background On Nootropics

In 1964, a Romanian psychologist and physician by the name of Corneliu E Guirgea synthesized a chemical compound known as piracetam in his laboratory, making history as he classified it as a new type of substance: He called it a nootropic.

Dr. Guirgea defined nootropics as substances that could be used to effectively boost the performance of the human brain, without side effects. Depending on the type, nootropics can be used to improve many things, including:

  • Memory

  • Learning ability

  • Focus and attention span

  • Verbal fluency

  • Motivation and drive

  • Mood

It was Dr. Guirgea’s discovery that marked the dawn of a new era in chemistry and medicine, as the search for more brain-boosting tools became the exciting new kid on the block as a way to elevate human potential.

The Benefits of Natural Nootropics

Yet, in reality, humans have been using nootropics for thousands of years, just without the fancy “nootropics” title, or the chemistry lab.

Used in cultures all the world, this you’ll find this long-revered category of nootropics is always sourced directly from nature, and includes powerful varieties of roots, leaves, berries, and seeds. Essentially, these are what we call natural nootropics. You can think of these natural nootropics like superfoods (nutrient-dense foods) that specifically boost your brain power. And this is what makes them so special: These nootropics not only support brain health and brain wellness, they can actually improve your mental performance and basic brain operations – they improve the way you think. As you can imagine, natural nootropics can be used for a lot of things, including:

  • Reducing your stress levels

  • Helping you focus on new information

  • Enabling better thought flow while you’re writing or speaking

  • Enhancing creativity and your ability to come up with new ideas

  • Helping you memorize a speech (or even just the name of the person you just shook hands with)

  • …and so much more!

Additionally, natural nootropics have additional benefits for your overall longevity: they can help you protect your brain against disease, keep your nervous system in optimal condition, and in some cases, even set the stage for the growth of new brain cells. Best of all, they’re just plants, which means these types of nootropics can either be taken as herbal supplements, or better still, used as ingredients in the delicious foods you eat.

How To Use Natural Nootropics

If you want to learn more about the exciting genre natural nootropics – what they are, ways to use them, and how they can help your own mind-expanding goals – check out the go-to comprehensive guide: Smart Plants: Power Foods & Natural Nootropics for Optimized Thinking, Focus & Memory.

Brain-boosting natural nootropics are also included in many of our favorite Luminberry recipes, such as:

Natural nootropics are an amazing asset in improving life quality. Not all of us are lucky enough to be born with a “genius level” of cognitive capacity, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But we can improve how we think, feel, and function – all it takes is a little bit of commitment combined with a touch of nature-made know-how.

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