Luminberry Loves | 09-04-19

This week’s round-up has an eco-minded theme: Plant-based eating, environmentally-friendly companies, and inspiration to do/be better. We’re constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our personal/professional methods and serve a healthy world, and are invigorated by these proactive finds. One step at a time, right? – Julie & Oliver

1. Cookbook we’re loving: Whole Food Cooking Every Day

This cookbook by James Beard award winner Amy Chaplin may be brand new, but it is an instant classic! With its intelligently formulated plant-centric recipes, meticulous organization, generous photography, and tidy design, Whole Food Cooking Every Day is packed front to back with delicious inspiration that begs recreation in your home kitchen. We were especially excited to see the broad use of superfoods in this book as well, so you’ll have plenty of fresh ideas for wellness favorites like hemp seeds, turmeric, and matcha powder.

2. Good deed for the day:

One dollar. One tree. The most no-brainer environmental contribution ever.

3. Quote that’s motivating us:

This saying reminds us to continually look for ways we can improve and live with integrity, in everything from our lifestyle choices to what goes on our plate.

4. Product we’re loving for healthy skincare: Nucifera – The Balm

The skincare industry can be a messy place – full of artificial fragrances, chemical additives, and other hazardous ingredients (all of which are absorbed by your skin and distributed throughout your body). But The Balm does it right. Made with a collection of plant-based butters, nourishing oils, and invigorating herbal essences, this fully natural body formula deeply moisturizes for a super clean daily habit that’s easy to love.

5. Treat we’re obsessing over: Alter Eco Super Dark Mint Chocolate

This incredible 90% chocolate is the first super-dark variety we’ve ever enjoyed (we normally choose chocolate that’s closer to 70% or 80%) … and we LOVE it! And the fact that Alter Eco is such an environmentally conscious company makes every aspect of this low-sugar treat feel like a great choice.

6. What we’re taking on the go: Wean Green Containers

While many of us are getting organized for the new school year, one thing to keep in mind is waste … and how to reduce it. Getting rid of plastic in lunches is easy with these super cute Wean Green containers, which are made out of recycled tempered glass and a durable silicone top, and snap up easily for transport. Although they’re made for kids, we use them for day trips (and for storing leftovers) all the time.

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