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We’re so excited to introduce our brand new Luminberry Loves feature! Here, we’ll be regularly posting an inside look at our current wellness finds, sources of healthy inspiration, market treasures and more. Whether you’re looking for fresh books to read, amazing products to try, new kitchen tool recommendations, or an in-the-know healthy hotspot to visit, you’ll find them all in this diverse roundup of personal favorites curated by Luminberry founders (and real-life couple) Julie Morris and Oliver Barth.

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The past few weeks we’ve been in full summer mode. Since we’re located along the coast a little north of Los Angeles, we get a surprising amount of fog and breeze that often likes to hang around even though it’s August. Even so, between the (usually) warm and sunny afternoons and the luxury of longer days, the idea of wellness feels somehow rejuvenated. Extra outdoor activities, fresh simple meals, and an unquenchable thirst for travel, adventure, and leisure all contribute to the good mood and propel a healthy agenda. So, on that note, here’s what we’ve been loving at Luminberry. –xo Julie & Oliver

1. What we’re reading: Why We Sleep.

Sleep is an oft-forgotten component of wellness we all should be prioritizing, and this incredible book is jam-packed with fascinating research on exactly why – seriously, you’ll never look at sleeping the same way again! We’ve been listening to the audio version of this book, but would highly recommend the print version instead, as the book is rich with data and enlightening diagrams that you’ll really want to see. (Ever wondered how the webs of a spider on LSD versus a spider on caffeine differ in structure? Now you’ll know…)

2. What we’re growing in the garden: Lemon Balm.

We planted one small lemon balm plant in with our herbs last year and have been blown away at its voracious growing habits. With beautiful foliage and a refreshing lemony scent perfuming the air every time you brush past it, lemon balm is a great addition to an aromatic garden. It has practical uses too: we add it to water to make a lemony “spa water,” mince it into fruit salads, and brush it directly on the skin for a mild insect repellent.

3. Quote that’s motivating us: “The best way to solve any problem is to remove its cause.”Martin Luther King, Jr.

Although it applies to so many things, this quote is surprisingly poignant toward health. It’s so easy to try and “fix” health problems as they arise, rather than look at why they happened in the first place. An important concept to keep in mind while troubleshooting wellness (and life!).

4. Smoothie we’re obsessing over: Mint Chip Smoothie.

We’ve been making this for dessert and eating it like ice cream! So refreshing and the mint makes it an especially great way to cool down after a hot day.

5. What we’re using in the home: Aura Cacia “Chill Pill” Aromatherapy.

Lots of cooking creates lots of smells going on in the home, which can be great leading up to a meal, but a little less welcome afterwards. We recently found this great aromatherapy blend of lavender, citrus, and chamomile, which we’ve been adding to a diffuser for a quick refresh of our space. Ever since, we’ve been getting tons of “what smells so good?” from our guests! If you don’t have a diffuser, it also comes in a convenient spray.

6. Product we’re loving: Laird Superfood Hydrate Coconut Water Mix.

Summer sports usually mean more sweat, and more sweat means a greater loss of electrolytes which can really put a damper on how you feel. We’ve been adding this smart powder into our water bottles before a workout to bolster our hydration game, and have loved the boost in stamina. Extra-clean ingredients, great flavor (especially loving the new Pineapple-Mango), and a calcium boost from Aqamin (a tasteless seaweed), make this an all-around win.

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