Here Are Some Of The Best Superfoods You Can Find At Your Farmer's Market

If it wasn't already abundantly clear: we're pretty obsessed with superfoods around here. (Obviously!) We love goji berries, maca powder, and enjoying superfood blends in recipes just as much as you do. But we'll also be the first to admit, there's more to the world of superfoods than just the cool packages lining the grocery shelf ... and what better place to explore the fresh-picked side of the superfood realm than the farmer's market. So next time you make a trip, try collecting some of these truly amazing incredible treasures. You can add them to your favorite nutrient-dense superfood recipes for incredible combinations of flavor and enhanced wellness benefits.

Broccoli – An amazing source of vitamins, including vitamin C, beta carotene, and vitamin K, broccoli is an crowd-pleasing superfood that can protect cardiovascular health, bone health, brain health, and the immune system. When buying, look for tight clusters that are bright green and very firm.

Garlic – Intensely flavored and ultra aromatic, fresh garlic is a treat that many farmer's markets offer for the majority of the year. A true kind of plant-based medicine, garlic's naturally-occurring compounds can enhance heart health, help control blood pressure, and offer a major boost to the immune system. In addition to regular garlic, some farmer's markets will offer young garlic, which has a milder pungency that is delicious in lightly-cooked or even raw entrees.

Kale – What would a superfood list be without kale? The truth is, all leafy greens at the farmer's market will offer excellent nutrient-density, but with its mild taste and hearty texture, kale continues to be a cult favorite. A rich source of vitamins, fiber, and even protein, kale is a very detoxifying green food. However, leafy greens in general will diminish in vitamin content the longer they sit, which is why a just-picked fresh bunch from a farmer's market is so ideal – second only to growing your own.

Mushrooms – Edible fungi pack in some of the most powerful immune-boosting benefits of all foods, with some varieties like shiitake and hedgehog mushrooms even used in natural medicine formulations. If your farmer's market offers seasonal fresh mushrooms, take advantage of some of these nuanced gems for incredibly delicious flavor experiences that can also keep you feeling your best.

Blueberries – Blueberries are one of the best-studied berries, in part thanks to their exceptionally high polyphenol content – the antioxidants which make them so good for the brain, skin, and heart. Even in peak season, blueberries aren't exactly the least expensive thing you'll by at your local market, but their pop of sweet, juicy flavor is so irresistible, they may not even make it home.

Beets – You'll never find such a stunning collection of beet varieties, shapes, and sizes, as you will at a farmer's market. But these root vegetables do more than just add color to your plate, they add tremendous value to your health, too. Highly anti-inflammatory and immunoprotective, beets vast collection of phytochemicals can do everything from enhance your athletic performance to support your digestion. Buying them super-fresh at the market means that the beet greens will still be attached, which are good to eat as a leafy green as well (try them lightly sauteed like spinach), meaning you essentially get two superfoods for the price of one!

The truth is, almost all of the produce at the farmer's market will offer some form of benefit to your body, improving your immediate energy and your long-term wellness. So whether you stock up at the store or at the market (and ideally, both!), you can feel great about your superfood choices!

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