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This Mint Chip Smoothie Is A Favorite For A Reason

When I first wrote Superfood Smoothies, I went in with the objective to really open up the realm of flavor creativity and healthy diversity I was sure smoothies had the potential of. While I genuinely love all 100 recipes, it's always interesting to see which smoothies become the most popular over time. This mint-chip blend is one of them.

Tucked beneath a very convincing ice cream-like flavor, a wealth of beneficial spinach awaits you in this smoothie. It’s so good it almost makes a person wonder why spinach isn’t used in all minty treats. I love how the cacao nibs provide a bit of dark-chocolate crunch without being overpowering.

Mint Chip Superfood Smoothie

Reprinted with permission from Superfood Smoothies © 2013 by Julie Morris, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.

Makes 2 18-ounce servings

2 cups frozen spinach

2 cups frozen bananas

¼ cup raw cashews

3 tablespoons cacao nibs

2 tablespoons (packed) fresh mint leaves, minced

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 cups rice milk (original variety)

½ cup coconut water

sweetener, such as stevia, to taste (optional)

Blend all the ingredients together until smooth. Taste, and sweeten as desired.

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