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How To Have a Healthy Potluck

It’s officially summer, which means it’s also officially potluck season! Between all the backyard barbeques and outdoor cookouts, there’s plenty of social eating occasions to enjoy… which despite their fun, can also be challenging if you’re trying to maintain a healthy diet. Luckily, potlucks also give you the opportunity to bring along something that’s extra beneficial for yourself, as well as your fellow guests! Here are some easy superfood dishes that are perfect for your next party:

Boosted Hummus | Let’s face it, everyone loves hummus. And whether you buy it or make it, you can easily swirl in a layer of chia seeds or hemp seeds to add some superfood flair, and protein-rich function. If you’re feeling extra creative, try making a rave-worthy herbed hummus, like my Green Harissa Avocado Hummus.

Creative Salsa | You can’t go wrong with salsa and chips, which work with just about any kind of casual food, not to mention make use of some of summer’s finest ingredients. But don’t bring just any old wallflower salsa, add in some seasonal fruit such as mango, peach, or berries like goji berries for extra pizazz. Or, get even more exotic with tropical superfoods, like my Acai Berry Salsa.

Grain Salad | Pasta salads are so passé … modernize this backyard staple by using whole grains instead! A quinoa salad, for example, is a great gluten-free way to enjoy a pasta-like flavor, and is easily loaded up with lots of fresh vegetables. Plus, it can be boosted even further with fresh herbs and hemp seeds, as in this Greek Quinoa recipe.

Chocolate Mousse | Have a sweet tooth? This chocolate dip made with energizing cacao powder is always a crowd pleaser, and takes literally just minutes to make! Bring with a stash of chopped fresh fruit and watch it disappear.

Savory Slaw | If it’s a barbeque, chances are there will be need for a great slaw. Ditch the mayonnaise-soaked versions, and make one fresh with shredded vegetables, healthy accouterments, and even tasty dried fruit. Try my Sesame Mulberry Slaw, which goes phenomenally well with grilled foods and sandwiches alike!

Do you have a stand-by dish you like to bring to potlucks?

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